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Jen pro dospělé muže!, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, 07 December 2015

The literary historians argue on the matter whether Hašek was really a big bohemian and lover of the noisy and cheerful companies or that is just another mystification, as the vast amount of small prose, feuilletons, satires and humorous cartoons suggest a strong and strict internal discipline and perseverance in writing.


His short stories, similarly to his journalistic materials, have been written under the dire3ct influence of thoughts and feelings that trigger, while living in the difficult war years. Therefore his daring pen moved from acute social and political criticism towards parody and satire of public morality and norms, to rest in the worlds of children, travel books and animals, as an opposition to the lies and hypocrisy.

Describing almost daily what he faced, Jaroslav Hašek bequeathed more than a thousand titles, thus providing us with an extremely detailed image of his coeval.